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Discover the potential of connecting pallets through IoT!

Watch our Webinar

Discover the potential of connecting pallets through IoT!

The fast-growing digitalization of supply chains offers many opportunities for efficiency, sustainability and business. Using IoT  to create intelligent load carriers can provide both improved insights together with the opportunity to further optimize supply chains.


IPP supports countless supply chains across Europe every day  and continually seeks to optimise and collaborate across them. Using IoT, we are able to deploy smart pallets and boxes which can go beyond a simple tracking-solution into providing  temperature, humidity, shock and theft detection and even providing marketing insights.


Watch our webinar to learn more on the subject of IoT and smart pallets and boxes. Speakers include:

Ron Martinek, Partner at PwC who discusses trends in digitalization & IoT in supply chains

Davy Baars founder of Dutch IoT Solutions who explains more about the technical innovation and opportunities behind connecting load carriers

Eric Schrover IPPs CEO who shares insights from real life use-cases and associated learnings



If you would like to further explore the opportunities for your business, just send us your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you!