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We are member of Faber Group, a family-owned business with a heritage of over 130 years of experience in load carrier services. We have history of focusing on a sustainable future and have a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide high quality reusable and sustainable products and services.

It is our ambition to have a positive impact with logistics solutions for supply chains. We bring circularity into logistics, as a service within the shared economy, and this way we are providing the most impact.

IPP is a vital part of the demanding and fast-moving supply chain. We operate a circular re-use system for high quality pallets and boxes. We work extensively with well-known brands, producers, and retailers. We deliver the right quantity & quality at the right place and time – wherever needed.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Our business never stops moving.
  • Working with us is easy and saves money
  • We are logisticians, and we work together seamlessly across the supply chain
  • We always put the customer first!

Our values: Care, Dare, Deliver

Our values are key in what drives us doing business:

Care - We feel responsible for people, products, and the environment

As a family-owned business, we are responsible for continuity, development, and safety.  As such, we are committed and determined to make a positive contribution to a better world. With care, respect, and sincere attention, we work towards long-term relationships and sustainable success, for our customers, our partners, our colleagues and for our environment.

Dare - Entrepreneurship, passion, and teamwork challenge us to go further

We have an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for our trade. We are not afraid to take the initiative and will meet any challenge head on with a sense of fun and a positive attitude, we develop solutions that work for our customers. We do so together, with care, and with respect for each other and for our environment.

Deliver - We are motivated to simply deliver sustainable results

We are focused on our products, services, and processes and we are always motivated to do better, and to become more efficient. This is how we deliver sustainable quality at a competitive price! Thanks to our commitment, our expertise, and our experience, we can provide the best advice, for the most optimal result. With us as their collaborative partner, our customers can focus on delivering their core business needs.