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Using the right pallet quality is important when it comes to automated environments, as a poor quality pallet can easily disrupt the entire process. In our expertise series about Automation & Pallet Quality we provide more insight into using the right pallet quality in an automated warehouse environment.

Logistics Collaboration

At IPP we combine our knowledge and expertise to orchestrate the pallet pooling processes together with specialised logistic partners. All of this provides our customers with high-quality pallets in an efficient and sustainable way at a competitive price! In this expertise series about Logistics Collaboration, we highlight the entire process of working together with our partners – from specialised pallet production facilities, storage, maintenance and dispatch at our depots, to our hauliers who take care of timely shipping to our customers – anytime and anywhere!

Connecting Load Carriers

IPP supports countless supply chains across Europe every day and continually seeks to optimise and collaborate across them. Using the IoT (Internet of Things), IPP is able to deploy smart pallets and boxes which can go beyond a simple tracking solution into providing temperature, humidity, shock and theft detection, and even providing marketing insights. Watch our webinar and discover the potential of connecting pallets through IoT!


Pallets play a key role in the 24/7 economy while the logistics process never stops. It is essential that you, as a customer, can always rely on high-quality pool pallets.  By choosing IPP, you not only receive excellent pallets, but you also experience the knowledge and high-quality service of our employees who make all the difference.

In this expertise series, you can hear from our customers and business partners through interesting case studies showing how our people enhance the value of our service and put our customers and quality first, always.

Sustainable logistic partnerships

By using the circular load carriers of IPP, we support our customers in reducing their footprint in the supply chain. But, of course, we also strive to reduce the footprint in our own logistics. In this expertise series about Sustainable Logistic Partnerships, we invite you to learn more about our journey of footprint reduction in logistics. It is about optimising the transport of pallets, but also the potential in the load carrier itself, such as our GS1 SMART-Box.

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