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Pallet pooling is a sustainable way to fulfil your pallet and boxes needs! With a focus on pay-per-use instead of ownership our pallets and boxes are used in the most optimal way during their lifespan with no capital investment from our customers needed - a perfect fit in the circular economy.

Circularity is the way to go

Our wooden pallets are made from solid timber from sustainable wood sources (FSC, PEFC certified.) We keep our pallets up to specification throughout their long lifespan and once depreciated, they will return as biomass into nature, henceforth closing the circular loop.

Lean & Green

We strive to minimise our footprint not only within our own operations but with our business partners too. As most of our footprint origins from logistics we participate in green logistic programs like Lean & Green and strive towards carbon-neutral operations. These programmes aim to optimise logistics across the supply chain which drives both efficiency and sustainability. This is completed in various ways, a few examples are by optimising the use of load capacity and shared transports, route-optimisation and use of fuel-efficient & clean vehicles.

Together with our parent company, Faber Group, we participate in the Ecovadis sustainability assessment in which we currently have platinum status, and we are fully committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Landlife Partnership Program

Furthermore, we also participate in partnerships like Landlife Company to offset the remains of our carbon footprint by tree planting programs.

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