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Our network of collaboration partners ranges from pallet producers and depot facilities to logistics carriers

IPP and all of our partners place high importance on quality, sustainability and efficiency 

Together we ensure high quality pool pallets, where and whenever you need them

By combining our strengths, you reap all the benefits

IPP supports and optimizes the logistic processes of our customers when it comes to pallet pooling. We collaborate with specialized logistic partners to ensure we provide high quality pallets in an efficient and sustainable way, anytime & anywhere! 

At IPP we combine our knowledge and expertise to orchestrate the pallet pooling process together with specialized companies. We believe each of our logistic collaboration partners should do what they are best at: pallet production, transport, storage and or maintenance of our pallets according to the highest quality standards. By adhering to this principle, we are able to provide the best quality pallets for a competitive price.  As the pallet pooling model is based on pay-per-use instead of ownership, you can use your resources to invest in your core-business whilst supporting the circular economy as well!

In our newest expertise series you can learn more about our role as well of our partners throughout Europe, from pallet producer to carrier and depot. Enjoy!

Collaborating with specialised logistics partners

In this compilation video we include highlights of the entire process of working together with our partners – from specialized pallet production factories, storage, maintenance and dispatch at our depots to our hauliers who take care of timely shipping to our customers – anytime and anywhere! We also look at the role of the IPP Operations teams – in each market they oversee the process from forecasting, pallet sourcing, logistics, storage and maintenance as well as being in touch with our customers and retailers. All with the objective to provide our customers with high quality pallets in an efficient & sustainable way at a competitive price!

Interested in seeing the whole picture ? Below you can find more information and videos about our Operation teams, pallet production, depot and hauliers.

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Our hauliers ensure timely delivery of our pallets to our customers and the return from retail to our depots. IPP works with multiple hauliers throughout Europe, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. Together, we aim to make maximum usage of our loading capacity and optimize our routes for which we also participate in the Lean & Green program in a number of countries.

Our colleagues in the United Kingdom have started a collaboration program with our hauliers and customers called ‘It’s what's inside that matters’. Together, we strive for having always full truck loads – either with our pallets or with customer goods we can take along on a trip. – Watch the video!

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Our depots play a crucial role in having the right quantity and quality of pallets available for our customers, anytime and anywhere! IPP works with approximately 90 depots throughout Europe where our pallets are being stored and repaired if needed to maintain our high quality standards.

Have a look at one the depots IPP works with in this episode of our partnership series – the ENVIRIS depot near Paris. This is the largest depot for IPP in France, processing around 3,5 million pallets per year. ENVIRIS depot leader Abdelkrim Yahioune will show you around on site and Ludovic Gerberon, National Depot Manager for IPP France, will talk about our depot partnership – Watch the video!

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The pallet producer

Providing great pallets to our customers starts with purchasing best quality pallets from our pallet producers. At IPP, our wooden pallets are made from solid, sustainable and certified (FSC, PEFC) timber, built to last for a long time and made to carry the goods of our customers safely.

In this episode of our partnership series, we visit one of our pallet producers, Phoenix in the Netherlands. Meet Phoenix Director Wim van Dijk and IPP Operations Manager Mark Hulland to learn more about working together to provide the best pallets in the most efficient and sustainable way. Finally, see first-hand how  pallets are produced by joining a tour through the Phoenix factory led by Bert van Dijk –  Watch the video to join!

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Orchestrating the pallet pooling process

At IPP we combine our knowledge and expertise to orchestrate the pallet pooling process together with specialized companies, who are acting within their own field of expertise – from pallet production and transport to storage and maintenance of our pallets – all of course performed to our highest quality standards.

Our Operations Teams play a key role – they oversee the process from forecasting, pallet sourcing, logistics, storage and maintenance as well as being in touch with our customers and retailers on a daily basis to ensure they always have the right quantity and quality of pallets at their disposal. In the first episode of this series we invite you to follow Dirk Freda, our German Operations Director, on his daily duties to make all of this happen together with our logistic partners. Watch the video to learn more!

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It's impossible to name all of our supply partners. We would like to introduce some more.

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