Always Innovating and Connecting Load Carriers. Take the digitalisation of your supply chain to the next level!

Header Innovation

We are innovating with smart load carriers which enables you to keep track of your goods and much more for an optimised and sustainable supply chain!

See below the possibilities and some applications which we currently offer. Want to explore the opportunities for your business – just get in touch!

This is what a connected load carrier can do:

  • Accurate positioning
  • Enhanced traceability
  • Black- & whitelist locations detection
  • Loaded/unloaded carrier detection
  • Anti-tampering detection
  • Motion & crash detection
  • Environmental data (temperature, humidity, CO2 etc)
  • Automatic inventory management & dispatch information
  • Marketing insights & optimization

Connected Pallet


Provides location and acceleration data to track the whereabouts and integrity of your goods throughout their supply chain journey.


Connected Nathalie

Connected Display Pallet P406

The Connected Display Pallet provides an insight into the exact location to determine if your display is placed on in the right spot for maximum campaign effectiveness, including the proximity of shoppers.


Connected Stefan


The Smartbox is a standardised box which aims to reduce packaging use, but also is equipped with barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which enables tracking and identification of goods inside.



Morena Smartbox