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Our high-quality pallets ensure a seamless flow into your automated production or warehouse line

With the ever-increasing automation of warehouses and production lines to meet the supply-chain efficiency demands of both producers and retailers, the emphasis has shifted to capital rather than labour-intensive processes in what has become a 24/7 economy.

However, while there are many challenges involved in the automation of these environments, one of the biggest requirements is preventing disruption. While robots, computers and smart software control operations, a damaged pallet can still disrupt the flow of these meticulously-organised processes.

At IPP, we understand what is needed to ensure a smooth flow through an automated warehouse, with our One-Way Trip service our pallets always meet the strictest demands. They are thoroughly inspected to a high standard before being dispatched to our customers, as part of our service to ensure a seamless automated flow.


Do you think about the quality of your pallets when working within an automated environment?

Pallet quality is an important consideration when automating a warehouse, as a poor quality pallet can easily disrupt the entire process. Read more about the insights of running an automated warehouse related to pallet quality - from the point of view of different stakeholders - including the warehouse equipment manufacturer and the user of an automated warehouse – to understand how IPP ensures delivery of the best pallet quality for a seamless flow in an automated warehouse. 

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Johma has also invested in warehouse automation and recognizes the challenges

An automated warehouse has big advantages, but is very sensitive to disruptions. And few things are more disruptive than broken pallets. We really want to avoid those. The best way to avoid this would be to buy new pallets for each delivery, but this is simply not practical or cost-effective, which is why pooled pallets provide the best alternative. - Remco Rijsenbrij, Directeur Operaties Johma
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Do you need quality pallets to ensure efficient and effective automated lines?

High-quality pallets are essential to keep automated warehouse lines flowing and the IPP One Way Trip service guarantees the best pallet quality. After every trip, a pallet returns to an IPP depot for a thorough inspection and is repaired if needed to keep the pallet up to specification.

Interested in learning more about how we keep our pallets in great shape? Watch the video of our Bardon Hill depot in the UK.

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Do you need quality pallets to ensure a seamless automated flow?

We visited CSi Palletising, an internationally-renowned company offering fully-integrated material handling and palletising systems for the FMCG/CPG industry. There we learned more from their perspective about warehouse automation and the importance of pallet quality. Watch the video to find out more.

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Do you need quality pallets to ensure an efficient automated flow?

It's up to you.

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