Sustainable Logistic Partnerships

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IPP carries impact by reducing the carbon footprint in our own logistics, together with our partners

Reducing mileage, avoiding empty runs and optimising with full trailer loads drives footprint reduction and improves efficiency at the same time

Footprint reduction can also be achieved by the load carrier itself – for example, the SMART-box

By using the circular load carriers of IPP, like pallets and boxes, we support our customers in reducing their footprint in the supply chain. But, of course, we also strive to reduce the footprint in our own logistics – like the transport of pallets and the activities at our depots, where we intensively cooperate with our partners. This helps us contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and also improves the efficiency in the operations of both IPP and our partners - a double win! 

In this expertise series we invite you to learn more about our journey of footprint reduction in logistics. 

GS1 SMART-Box – the sustainable load carrier

Footprint reduction in logistics is not just about optimising the transport – there is also much potential in the load carrier itself.

The GS1 SMART-Box is a standardised, reusable innovation by industry, retail and GS1 Germany, with IPP as pooling partner.

The GS1 SMART-Box supports both optimising the logistic process and reducing packaging material – it brings advantages to all partners involved throughout the supply chain.

Follow the GS1 SMART-Box on its journey all the way from depot to industry and retail in this video with Dirk Freda, Martin Bachmann and Tobias Lorke of IPP Germany, Jace Hornage of Wasto-Pac,  Ingo Schimmelpfennig and Frank Jacobi of Procter & Gamble and Christian Bodi of DM.

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Reducing carbon footprint through Lean and Green Europe

IPP is one of the first participants in the European Lean and Green program. After successfully achieving a three-star Lean and Green certification with IPP Spain, IPP decided to participate in the European Lean and Green programme to cover all markets we work in. Lean and Green aims to reduce carbon footprints through collaboration, innovation and optimising efficiency throughout logistic supply chains. Learn more from the European Lean and Green programme manager, Dirk van der Lee, IPP pooling director Mark Hulland and one of our hauliers, Henk Snoeren – owner of Snoeren Transport in the Netherlands.

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