The quality of our people is in our pallets

Quality Head

We are easy to work with, offering the option of 'smart pallets' that keep an eye on your shipment throughout the entire journey

We go the extra mile to make sure you can deliver your goods at any time and to anywhere 

Through our high standards, we provide pallets that safely carry your goods

The importance of quality pallets and people

In our 24/7 economy, the logistics process never stops. Pallets play a key role in this and it is essential that you as a customer can always rely on high-quality pool pallets, which not only help you to transport your goods safely but also contribute to a sustainable and efficient logistics process.  Our pallets are deployed on an optimal 'pay-per-use' basis, so that you only pay for what you use. This helps to keep your resources free for your core business operations. 

By choosing IPP, you not only receive excellent pallets, but you also experience the knowledge and high-quality service of our employees who make all the difference. At IPP, the customer and quality always come first, which is why we always go above and beyond to provide perfect service.

We have more than 200 enthusiastic and well-trained employees throughout Europe, who ensure that you have the best quality pallets. In our new expertise series, you can hear from customers, like you, and business partners through interesting case studies showing how our people enhance the value of our service. Enjoy!

We maintain high standards to provide you with quality pallets that enable safe shipment of your goods from A to B

You need quality pallets for safe shipment of your goods, but think about their use in automated warehouses as well. We recently visited a Kuehne & Nagel warehouse to talk to our customer PepsiCo and you can watch our new video to learn more about their collaboration with IPP to deliver amazing results every day!

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We will go the extra mile to ensure you got the best pallets for your shipments, anywhere - anytime!

Pallet availability is key to keep your operations and logistics running. You can count on IPP to go the extra mile when needed – listen to the story of Intersnack Germany and how IPP helped them out when times got tough.

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Keep track of your load from A to B using our connected pallets

We work alongside Connected Load Carrier, a specialist IoT company, to provide customers with a clever tracking solution that optimises your supply chain and increases marketing insights for your business. In our latest video, Davy Baars at Connected Load Carrier and our sales manager Erik van Geloven explain the countless possibilities to unlock your business potential by using smart pallets.

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