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New European marketing Campaign now live!

18 Jul, 2022 | published at 09:49 CET

IPP has kicked off the new European Marketing campaign called ‘Sustainable Logistic Partnerships’!

By using the circular load carriers of IPP, like pallets and boxes, we support our customers in reducing their footprint in the supply chain. But, of course, we also strive to reduce the footprint in our own logistics – like the transport of pallets and the activities at our depots, where we intensively cooperate with our partners. This helps us contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and also improves the efficiency in the operations of both IPP and our partners - a double win! 

In this expertise series we invite you to learn more about our journey of footprint reduction in logistics. 

In our newest expertise series, it’s all about IPP and how we are working on footprint reduction in logistics through partnerships. The first episode covers the Europe-wide Lean & Green programme, which IPP is one of the first participants in. After successfully achieving a three-star Lean & Green certification with IPP Spain, IPP decided to participate in the European Lean & Green programme to carry impact in all markets we work in.

Lean & Green aims to reduce carbon footprints through collaboration, innovation and optimizing efficiency throughout logistic supply chains. Learn more from about Lean & Green in our first interview with our own European Pooling Director Mark Hulland, Lean & Green European programme manager, Dirk van der Lee, and one of our hauliers Henk Snoeren – owner of Snoeren Transport BV in the Netherlands. Check it on our website. Stay tuned for more!