‘Fresh’ partnership between IPP and Bakkavor enters 15th year


10 July 2024

New contract agreed between supply chain experts and leading fresh food provider

IPP and the UK’s top provider of own-label fresh prepared foods are celebrating their 15-year partnership with the signing of a new contract. 

IPP and fresh food specialists Bakkavor began working together in 2009 at Bakkavor Meals, previously known as Hitchen Foods, in Wigan. 

The relationship has flourished ever since and enables Bakkavor to cost-effectively move products such as breads, desserts, salads, dips, soups, ready meals and pizzas into distribution centres for major UK supermarkets. 

IPP works across 37 UK-wide locations to guarantee the availability of millions of reusable pallets so that Bakkavor’s products reach the supermarket shelves on time and in the best quality. 

The two companies have agreed terms on another new contract which will take the working relationship past 15 years in October this year.  

The partnership is based on the sustainable circular economy model, where IPP retrieves, repairs and reuses pallets and works to reduce ‘empty running’, the wasteful transport miles where a vehicle returns to base with no goods on board.  

Confidence in the supply chain

Darren Binns, head of logistics for Bakkavor, said: “The supply of pallets into our business and the service offer from IPP is critical to us. They are a low maintenance partner – they get on with the job, work with us collaboratively on any areas of concern and always do what they say they're going to do. 

“They work with us across the board. Everything we make, we move on an IPP pallet. 

“Because it is such a critical component of what we do, we want to keep working with IPP and drive as many efficiencies we can.  

“We know we will always get the correct level of attention, review sessions, clarity around handling of pallets and a good management process.  

“It’s all about the commercials – confidence in supply, confidence in management and responding quickly.” 

Shelley Pierre, commercial director at IPP, said: “Our long-standing relationship with Bakkavor is based on being easy to work with, going the extra mile to support the robust supply chain it needs to get products on the supermarket shelves in a timely manner.  

“The customer experience is vital, which means being collaborative, proactive and reactive in equal measure.  

“We’re delighted to extend our working relationship yet further and our sustainable solutions continue to be a vital cog in Bakkavor’s operations.”