IPP introduces footprint calculator

Co2 Calculator

13 December 2022

IPP’s circular pooling pallets help to reduce the footprint compared to one-way pallet use by up to 80%, making them a valuable asset in making our customers ‘supply chains more sustainable! Our pallets are made of certified timber and are well-maintained to last for a long time. To provide more insight into this footprint reduction, IPP has created an online calculator that estimates the potential savings in CO2 reduction, energy and raw materials. To make the results more tangible, the data is translated into more concrete metrics such as the number of trees saved, vehicle kilometres driven and litres of diesel saved.

The online calculator can be found on the homepage IPP and the user only needs to enter the type and quantity of pallets used as well as the average transport distance, to see the footprint reduction of our pooling pallets versus one-way pallets.

This way IPP Pooling carries impact into its customers supply chains. Visit www.ipp-pooling.com to learn more or to try the calculator yourself!