Adr Box (2)


Width: 1.000mm
Length: 1.200mm
Height: 800mm


  • Strong and rigid design
  • Collapsible sidewalls for efficient transport
  • Protect your products
  • Usage of single as well as double boxes
  • Single box can be mechanically rotated


The Dangerous Goods guidelines, or “ADR”, is transposed into national legislation throughout Europe. WEEE containing lithium batteries used as the primary power source (i.e. not button cells) must be transported in small containers or on pallets so as to prevent damage to the batteries (bulk transport in anything over 4 cubic meters is not permitted). Containers, or shrink-wrapped pallets, must be correctly labelled.

Examples of equipment that are likely to contain a lithium battery, are mobile phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, electric shavers, electronic cigarettes, torches, wearable technology, remote-controlled toys and drones and hand-held power tools.

Of equal importance to complying with the legislation, ADR packaging must be tried and tested to ensure efficient operation, longevity and cost reduction at every step of the reverse supply chain.