CRT Glass Box

1200 Mm Box (2) (4)


L: 1200mm 
B: 1000mm 
H: 800mm 



  • Strong & rigid design.
  • Collapsible for efficient transport when empty.
  • Protects products.
  • Available with hinged gate for picking and easy access
  • Available in 2 heights (800mm and 400mm)
  • Several combinations of the various heights can be made.



CRT Glass box – for glass from Cathode Ray Tube televisions

Today, most collections of Displays from municipalities are done as one stream, CRTs and FPDs together. In most cases the complete Display stream go to a CRT dismantler who then sends the CRT glass elsewhere. The safe and efficient transport of this outgoing flow is essential as it directly impacts the profitability of the supply chain.

Bulk shipment over significant distances is where the Pooling Partners solution shows its superiority. The modular nature of our standard packaging material allows for two different sizes of box. A combination of the one cubic meter box with a 1.5 cubic meter stacked on top maximises the use of the trailer which ensures you are not shipping fresh air. As the boxes can be collapsed, only one backload of empty packaging is necessary for every four trailers of CRTs.

You can expect to transport 20 tonnes of CRT glass in one standard trailer load.