D406 Dolly

D406 Dolly (2)

Our unique plastic display pallet with rubber wheels offers a great way to display your products. These pallets are easily stackable, durable and can be easily moved around the POS, making them the pallet of choice for many retailers to display their goods.

Optimal combination of this dolly with RUDi®



  • Rollers made of galvanised steel and high quality,
    synthetic rubber
  • Parking brakes prevent rolling away
  • Stackable with existing systems
  • 15 symmetrical attachment points
  • Guide notches for standard 'tying up
  • Fixing point for tension foil

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Our Dolly Adapter Tray is the optimal receptacle for dollies on the Euro pallet E812. The adapter tray allows up to 125 dollies to be stacked on one pallet.



  • Consisting of sturdy polyethylene (PE) plastic and recycled material
  • Dimensions 1210 x 807 mm, 46 mm high

230425 IPP 00915 SVS