800 Mm Box (2) (2)


L: 1200mm 
B: 1000mm 
H: 800mm



  • Strong & rigid design.
  • Collapsible for efficient transport when empty.
  • Protects products.
  • Also available in 400mm height as R40.
  • Several combinations of the various heights can be made.


IPP FPD box – for flat screens

The Display stream of WEEE is changing. Collectors and recyclers are seeing a higher percentage of Flat Panel Displays in the mix which require consideration in packaging due to the propensity of fragile mercury-filled backlights.

Today, most collections of Displays from municipalities are done as one stream, CRTs and FPDs together. In most cases the Displays go to a CRT dismantler who then sends the whole FPDs elsewhere. The safe and efficient transport of the outgoing FPD flows is essential as it directly impacts the profitability of the supply chain. Small containers are the only solution to minimise breakages of the lamps and reduce the environmental impact.

The modular nature of our standard packaging material allows for three different sizes of box. The one cubic meter accommodates the smallest FPDs (monitors and laptops), the 1.5 cubic meter the 50-60” TVs and the two cubic meter handles the largest of FPDs.