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Home of Love Hearts continues to build long-term relationship with Europe’s top pallet poolers as business and manufacturing of the UK’s favourite sweets expands.

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Swizzels, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of sweets in the UK is expanding its manufacturing capability and its relationship with Europe’s leading pooler of wooden pallets as production is set to increase as a result of an ongoing investment.

The family-owned business at New Mills in the High Peak, is the home of Love Hearts and Drumsticks and was the subject of a recent documentary Inside the Factory with Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace.

The investment by Swizzels will allow for the increase in sugar confectionary in a business that already experiences major seasonal hikes. During September and October sales see a doubling in volume as a result of calendar events including Hallowe’en.

The new investment which will have a significant impact upon the Swizzels supply chain which stretches across the UK from locations in Derbyshire and Cheshire.

The company’s relationship with IPP, which dates back to 2009, is based upon transparency and service.

The only pallet pooler to be able to manufacture its own products, IPP also retrieves, repairs and repatriates pallets as part of its circular economy model.

"We work well as a team as we are both focussed upon quality and service." Nigel Wanford

IPP utilises its ‘One Way Trip’ solution which streamlines the process by collecting the empty pallets from Swizzels’ end customers including all of the major multiple retailers cash and carry businesses and smaller confectioners – repairing them, if necessary, and seamlessly reintroducing them into the cycle.

This process guarantees the constant flow and integrity of the pallets as the business builds up to its busy ‘Trick or Treat season where customer demand for Refreshers, Double Lollies, Fizzers, Fruity Pops, Drumsticks, Rainbow Drops, Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Double Dips, is at its peak.

Nigel Wanford Supply Chain Manager for Swizzels, said: “There are major plans for the New Mills site where our annual production is set to increase significantly over the next 12 months. IPP has worked with us step by step over the last seven years and we will be building our new model around the service that we currently operate together, albeit the volumes will increase in line with demand.

“We work well as a team as we are both focussed upon quality and service. We need to be assured 24/7 that the pallets are in the best condition and critically there when we need them as our requirement increases in line with seasonal spikes.”

Phil Storer, UK Country Director for IPP, said: “Love Hearts provide a strong analogy for our relationship with Swizzels. We have an understanding and a partnership where we can communicate our feelings openly – rather like the messages on the sweets. This constant open communication is why we work well together and is indicative of the culture of Swizzels.”

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