Pallet Recovery

How to support sustainability and a resilient supply chain?! Pallet recovery is essential for a resilient, efficient and sustainable pallet pool with good availability, making sure to return pallets into the pool as soon as they are unloaded.

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A sustainable and efficient pallet pool, with a sufficient supply of load carriers, is essential for customers, retailers and pooler. Our success depends on making sure pallets stay in our pool and are used in an optimal way because when pallets become unavailable, the efficiency and sustainability of the pooling system is jeopardised.

IPP calls upon all customers, retailers and other stakeholders involved in our pooling system to ensure that our pallets are returned as soon as they are unloaded. This way we can ensure the most efficient and sustainable pooling system from which all participants in the supply chain benefit.

In our pallet recovery expertise series, you can learn more about this topic and how you can actively contribute to a sustainable and efficient pallet pool.

The do’s and don’ts for pallet recovery

Our European Pooling director, Mark Hulland, explains why pallet recovery is essential for a well-functioning supply chain and what our customers and retailers can do to support this.

Mark Hulland

How to recognize a pooling pallet

Next to pooling pallets, Europallets and one-way pallets are also being used in supply chains – they have different characteristics regarding ownership and value. It is important to know and understand these differences. Our operations colleague, Tim Vanderheyden, explains the different pallet systems and how to recognise them.

Tim And Pallets

Why pallet recovery is important to our customers

Bieze Food Group is a customers of IPP. Packaging Coordinator, Patrick van de Kraats, explains in this video why pallet recovery is also important from the customer’s perspective.

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How does our team ensure swift pallet recovery?

Making sure that our pallets are returned directly after usage is also focus for many colleagues within IPP. In this video, Julia Halbach, a member of our customer service team at  IPP Pooling in Germany, shows how we manage this in partnership with our customers.

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