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Young’s Seafood enhances dedication to sustainability through partnership with Europe’s no.1 integrated pallet provider.

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Young’s Seafood Ltd has signed a contract with IPP to increase movements of its household name products while at the same time improving supply chain efficiency, reducing waste and further enhancing its dedication to environmental sustainability.

By pinpointing areas in which incremental changes can be made, IPP will aid Young’s in utilising palletisation methods that reduce transport costs and harmful emissions.

Like IPP, Young’s is committed to developing relationships with businesses, suppliers and customers to deliver services/products efficiently and improve sustainability methods. Young’s believes that creating a truly virtually-integrated business is imperative to this and set up its VIP initiative (Virtual Integration Programme) to specifically focus on collaborative partnerships.

With an emphasis on driving innovation in the marketplace, the programme inspires partners to collaborate on joint projects and implement more efficient methods.

"From pool to ocean, IPP goes with the ‘VIP’ flow." Stuart Caborn

“The Virtual Integration Programme helps us work with our partners to improve innovation, quality and efficiencies, moving us away from transactional relationships, towards collaboration across a network”, says Stuart Caborn, Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer, Young’s.

Young’s is among the many manufacturers that are aware of, and looking to reduce, the considerable waste that accumulates throughout the manufacturing process. With its extensive knowledge and expertise, IPP will be able identify areas of significant waste and the effective solutions to combat this.

Phil Storer, Director for IPP, said: “Young’s is one of the oldest and best known seafood brands in the UK market and, like us, puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does. Every day Young’s Seafood is making sure that – from plaice to plate – everything it does is carried out responsibly and with future stocks in mind. We have the same approach to our pallets.”

“We do what we do thousands of times every day, that‘s how we’ve become the efficiency experts we are. We continuously improve the processes we operate to ensure streamlined pallet flows. We orchestrate and synchronise complex and extensive recovery, inspection, repair and fulfilment operations to deliver seamless pooling solutions to customers every day.

“We will have Young’s interests at heart as we continuously optimise the pool performance and flows together with our extensive logistics capability. Our focus is always to run a network that is perfectly suited to what our customers need.”

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