IPP Pooling launches campaign to increase pallet recovery

Pallet Recovery

09 June 2023

IPP has launched a campaign to make their customers and retailers more aware of the importance that pool pallets don’t get out-of-network or lost – which undermines the availability of pallets to get products in the retail shelf. A pool pallet is an asset with a value and IPP Pooling as owner - failing to return pallets, which then might get out of network or getting lost, undermines the circular pooling system. It has also a negative impact on sustainability as each pallet which needs to be replaced requires fresh timber. With the campaign IPP aims to increase the recovery rate, which benefits the efficiency of the supply chains IPP supports and also to fulfil its own sustainability ambition to reduce the company’s footprint

Mark Hulland, European Pooling Director of IPP: “The success of a sustainable and efficient pool depends on making sure pallets stay in our network and are used in an optimal way. When pallets become unavailable -for example being unused as overstock in a warehouse, or even worse by unknown whereabouts due to poor data management- the efficiency and sustainability of pooling system is being jeopardized.

Pallets are an essential part of supply chains and a lack of pallets hurts all stakeholders in that supply chain – from producer to retailer and ultimately to a consumer when his favourite product did not reach the retail shelf.

Therefore, IPP calls upon all customers, retailers and other stakeholders involved in our pooling system to make sure that our pallets are returned  as soon as possible after usage. This way we can ensure a most efficient and sustainable pooling system to carry impact and from which all participants in the supply chain benefit.”


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