Partnership boosts timber manufacturer’s impressive growth

Timer Manufacture

20 June 2023

Ireland’s largest manufacturer of timber packaging and pallets has achieved more than 100 per cent growth with its 10-year partnership with Europe’s leading pooler of sustainable wooden pallets being a major contributing factor.

CJ Sheeran, which is headquartered in Mountrath, Co. Laois, credits its collaborative decade-long partnership with IPP for boosting the circular economy on both sides of the Irish Sea, as well as boosting its balance sheet.

Despite economic challenges, including the sky-rocketing global cost of timber, the relationship between the two partners has bolstered their reputations for reliability in the FMCG market and enabled them to achieve a hike in pallet recovery from 91 to 98 per cent.

Investing in pallet repair services

Sheeran’s has recently invested in the purchase of a new sawmill to further develop its pallet repair services across the Republic of Ireland and moved to a 20-acre site to further help IPP and consolidate the rapid growth in the future of both enterprises.

IPP began working with CJ Sheeran  in 2012 and the partnership has improved service to existing customers, as well as providing a platform of growth for new prospects and a dramatic improvement of its pallet recovery from retail operations.

David Bage, Operations Director for IPP, said: “In 2016, we set up our main sortation depot in Mountrath and a satellite depot in Dublin. In the same year, we built upon our relationship with CJ Sheeran to operate our pallet sort and repair facilities, be our logistics partner and our repair timber supplier in Ireland.

“Since then, Sheeran’s has grown significantly in terms of their own business, taking on new sites and expanding their operations. In parallel, we also started to use Sheeran’s to deliver OWT (one way trip) pallets to our customers and collect empty pallets from retail.

“This was a mutually beneficial relationship that allowed IPP to improve our pooling model in Ireland and allowed Sheeran’s to expand on their white pallet business – this mainly allowed synergies on transport to remove empty mileage.”

Delivering growth

Fergal Moran, Business Development Director for CJ Sheeran, said: “The relationship with IPP and how we worked so collaboratively to keep goods flowing during COVID has truly blossomed both in Ireland and the UK. We have a strong partnership that is based upon complete trust and one that allows for the sortation, repair and delivery of pallets across Ireland.

“This means that when we grow, so does IPP, and vice-versa,” he added.

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