PV Box

Pv Box (2)


L: 1200mm 
B: 1000mm 
H: 1750/2200mm


  • Strong and rigid design
  • Restricts access of PV modules to sunlight
  • Improves operator safety through minimising breakages
  • Weatherproof covering for storing outside
  • Collapsible sidewalls for efficient transport and storage when empty



19391 WEEE PV Box 12


As a relatively new waste stream, photovoltaic solar panels do not yet have a definitive method of treatment. The industry is only recently collecting in significant numbers and key requirements for the transportation are also not yet met in practice. The key requirements of the packaging are minimising breakages, restricting access to sunlight throughout the supply chain, minimising transport costs and improving operator safety.

Working with experienced stakeholders in the PV recycling industry has enabled Pooling Partners to develop packaging that meets the needs of legislators and operators whilst keeping the additional costs of the system at a minimum.

With the PV box, PV modules are stored vertically which minimises the chance of breakage and maximizes the tonnage on a transport. Loading and unloading is made easy by a walk-in box which can be quickly closed and made ready for transit. Loaded boxes can be temporarily stored outside without fear of the sunlight charging the module as they are completely enclosed. The development of the box has been driven by the primary objective of making it as safe as possible for the operators loading and unloading the box.