RUDi® - The solution for sustainable product presentation at the POS



The display pallet and display base are made of 100% recyclable plastic (post-consumer material) and can be repaired or recycled.


Intuitive and effortless assembly and disassembly: open the base, turn it round, attach it - done.


Display bases are equipped with barcodes and RFID transponders. This makes promotion tracking possible.

Added value through reusability

Every year, around 30 million disposable displays are produced in the D-A-CH region, for which around 165,000 tons of cardboard have to be manufactured. After use, the displays are simply disposed of.

These displays generate 315,000 tons of CO2, which is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 118,000 cars!

We have the (r)evolution: RUDi® - The ReUsable Display

RUDi consists of a load carrier (quarter pallet or dolly), display base and the goods that are presented on it.

The reusable display base, which replaces the conventional cardboard base, saves resources, costs and CO2.

The decoration of the display base and the presentation of the goods can still be designed flexibly.

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RUDi® - the innovative solution at the POS

Unlimited lifetime: RUDi is made from 100% recyclate!

Our display concept is designed to be reusable. All components can be repaired and recycled. If the product can no longer be repaired, it is shredded and a new product is created from the individual parts.

Perfect for the pooling cycle!

This not only conserves resources, but also saves costs for brand manufacturers and retailers.

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The (r)evolution when it comes to cost and CO2 savings

RUDi beats all types of disposable displays from the second use:

  • the display bases can be used again and again as they are made from 100% recyclate
  • the transport volume is reduced thanks to the collapsible bases and when RUDi is at the POS, it only needs to be restocked

RUDi impresses with its variable application possibilities: as a pre-assembled supplier display or retail display, equipped with own brands or with products provided by the brand manufacturer.

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RUDi's journey

Join us on RUDi's journey and experience its flexible use as a retail and supplier display, its stopover in the IPP depot and its reuse in the pooling cycle.

Rudis Journey

Easy as pie: assembly and dismantling

RUDi is so easy to assemble and dismantle!


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Our partner for creative and ecologically efficient displays based on RUDi®.

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