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13 December 2022

IPP introduces footprint calculator

IPP’s circular pooling pallets help to reduce the footprint compared to one-way pallet use by up to 80%, making them a valuable asset in making our customers ‘supply chains more sustainable! Our pallets are made of certified timber and are well-maintained to last for a long time. To provide more insight into this footprint reduction, IPP has created an online calculator that estimates the potential savings in CO2 reduction, energy and raw materials. To make the results more tangible, the data is translated into more concrete metrics such as the number of trees saved, vehicle kilometres driven and litres of diesel saved.

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30 November 2022

First European Lean & Green two-star rating for IPP Pooling

IPP Pooling, member of Faber Group, is the first European organization to receive a two-star European Lean & Green Award. IPP made use of the 'lateral entry' option within the program, showing benchmark emission KPI's combined with the required data quality and reduction projects to meet the standards for this rating. Lean & Green is the leading European program for sustainable logistics and stimulates organizations to reduce their environmental footprint by optimizing their logistics organization driving both cost savings and efficiency at the same time.

Shelley Harris Pierre All
19 September 2022

Shelley Harris: How circular businesses can make a difference to the cost-of-living crisis

Shelley Harris, commercial director at IPP Pooling, discusses how circular businesses can make a difference to the cost-of-living crisis.

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01 September 2022

IPP welcomes Pool Service!

Pool Service becomes part of IPP Benelux as per today, September 1st. Pool Service manages the crate pool of Stichting Versfust, which consists of more than 28 million crates that are used by Dutch fresh food producers and retailers.